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blt_ladybug-7384298 Outreach Services

GHC’s Community Outreach is responsible for organizing media events, fundraising events like our annual party, the Gender Bender Ball, and other community events like Sacramento’s Transgender Day of Rememberance. Outreach also networks with other organizations and coordinates tabling at local events, screens and recruits office and event volunteers, provides training and orientation for volunteers, as well as outside trainings for the community. Some of our other duties include advertising, updating our website and social media sites, disseminating community surveys, and creating publications.

blt_ladybug-7384298 Free Community Presentations

Gender Health Center is a community-based, nonprofit organization with a mental health-centered wellness model. We provide affordable and accessible counseling and advocacy services for everyone. Our service providers have expert knowledge in transgender and queer identities and experiences.

GHC is happy to offer the following trainings/presentations FREE to the community:

ladybug_bullet-6669499 Intro to GHC (15-20 minutes)
This is a brief presentation, which will give an overview of our mission, programs and services, as well as how to access services and make referrals to us.

ladybug_bullet-6669499 Sex, Gender and Sexuality – The Foundations (60-90 minutes +/-)
This presentation will go over language, identities and terms communicate with sensitivity and understanding. It will also provide practical tools to make a more welcoming, inclusive environment for transgender individuals. This presentation can be customized to focus on more specific intersections of sex & gender if needed as well as length of presentation.

ladybug_bullet-6669499 Speaker Bureau Panel (60, 90, or 120 minutes)
GHC can provide 2 – 6 panelists from our Speakers Bureau to share their personal stories. When requesting a panel, the requestor should submit a short description of the purpose and goals for having the panel, as well as questions that will be asked of the panel. The proposal and questions should be sent to the Community Outreach Director.

ladybug_bullet-6669499 Trans in the Workplace (60-90 minutes)
This presentation will cover protections transgender individuals have in the workplace here in California. Attendees will have a better understanding of the experiences, fears and hesitations transgender individuals face when coming out at work and have a understanding of how to better support them.

ladybug_bullet-6669499 Accessing Medical and Mental Healthcare for Transgender Individuals (60 minutes)
This presentation will go over the barriers transgender individuals face when accessing medical and mental health services. The facilitators will go over updated laws and policies for accessing medically necessary healthcare, such as hormones and surgeries. Attendees will leave with basic tools to eliminate barriers for transgender individuals in accessing healthcare services.

ladybug_bullet-6669499 Rep in Meeting (up to 90 minutes)
If all you are looking for is someone to come to one of your meetings and sit in to tell their story or answer questions, that can be arranged free of charge.

GHC can also provide tailored trainings to meet the needs of various agencies for an honorarium of $300-$500 per hour, on a sliding scale, based on agency’s budgets and needs. Contact Community Outreach Director (rachael(at) for more information.

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