NorCal AIDS Cycle – Ladybugs


NorCal AIDS Cycle 2016

From May 12th to May 15, 2016, Team Ladybugs will be riding 300 miles to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS service providers in the Sacramento Valley and beyond! Whether you donate to a registered cyclist or Team Ladybugs, you will be with us on this awesome adventure! Your contribution, no matter how much or how little, will go a long way.

Last year we learned that 27.7% of trans-women tested HIV+, compared to 11.8% who self-reported HIV+ which suggests that many trans-women may not be aware of their HIV status. Additionally, Trans-women of color tested the highest at a shocking 56.3% HIV+. This made us realize that we needed to assist this community, OUR community, in receiving info and services to help lower these numbers. This event is so important, it creates hope for people who have none. It provides organizations dedicated to improving the human condition with the resources they need to go on despite all adversity.

We ask you to please join us by sponsoring our team in the 2016 NorCal AIDS Cycle. As much as we hate to ask, we cannot make a difference without your support. Please consider donating to this worthy cause!

This year’s Team Ladybugs riders:

ladybug_bullet-4892520 Alejandro Contreras

ladybug_bullet-4892520 Alex Filippelli

ladybug_bullet-4892520 Arely Aguayo Ramos

ladybug_bullet-4892520 Armando Campos

ladybug_bullet-4892520 Kylie Blume

ladybug_bullet-4892520 Rachael Hudson

ladybug_bullet-4892520 Robyn Learned

Donation Information

You can donate to our whole team by clicking the “TEAM DONATION” button below. If you wish to donate to an individual rider, simply click on their name above and it will take you to that rider’s donation page. Thank you for your support!

Questions? Send to Rachael(at)