We often overlook creating change conference that men and women are different, creating change conference  biologically and socially. This has negative, very negative consequences if it happens in the field of medicine. Also because creating change conference it happens more to the detriment of women.

This means that we do not have gender health center healthcare that is centered on the personalization of gender health center care, we have a medicine that is too androcentric.

On gender health center gender medicine, Women20 asks that ministers of health and leaders commit themselves to developing gender medicine as a tool for equity in care, to promote public and private research on gender medicine and to support it financially.

After creating change conference 2019 a pandemic like creating change conference 2019  the one we have experienced, we need to equip ourselves with health care that puts the person at the center, who creating change conference 2019  is not neutral and goes through different stages of life. ” Linda Laura Sabbadini said this, speaking in Rome today at the Health G20.

“Another important point – continued Sabbadini – vaccines for everyone. It is the only way to overcome this terrible and long phase of the pandemic. Women20 calls for public and private research to develop and invest in thermostable vaccines.

There are whole areas of the world where there is no electricity or it exists occasionally. In these areas it is almost impossible to spread the vaccine not only against Covid 19 but all types of vaccines. Women20 appeals for all barriers to be removed and for all citizens of the world to have access to vaccines.

For this creating change 2019 reason, we also ask that some intellectual property rights in vaccines be temporarily suspended, especially creating change 2019  as tens of billions of euros have been invested by the public. Knowledge must be shared as a common good for the use by all of the vaccines creating change 2019 produced in individual countries. ”

“Third fundamental point – according to Sabbadini – The G20 calls on all countries to guarantee health and care for all by ensuring access to real services, and in particular to sexual and reproductive health services that must be considered as recommended by the WHO in 2020 as services essential. A modern and free contraception must be developed in all countries. ”

Being a man or a woman in medicine ghc sacramento  makes a significant difference, not only because the prevalence of a high number of diseases is different in the two sexes, but also and above all because the causes and / or predisposing factors, symptoms and response to the disease are different. therapy.midwife menopause

According to the American Society for ghc sacramento  Women’s Health, there are 10 differences between men and women:

Heart disease. Heart attack is the leading cause ghc sacramento of death for women in all countries, with a mortality rate slightly higher than that of men, and is the leading cause of death among women aged between 44 and 59. Women are more likely than men to have a second heart attack within a year of the first.

Heart attack is therefore a disease common to both sexes, what is different are the causes and manifestations. If a woman suffers a heart attack, she is less likely than a man to have the emergency room doctors recognize it right away, and not waste precious minutes saving her life.

Because? “University textbooks describe chest pain as the main symptom of heart attack, but pain is often absent in women: nausea and vomiting, neck or back pain, difficulty breathing, cold sweats, dizziness prevail.

Therefore they risk not receiving adequate care within the recommended timesDepression. Women are 2-3 times more likely than men to be affected by depression, also due to lower levels of serotonin in the brain.


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