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At Gender Health Center our counseling services focus on client-based narrative therapy which utilizes the power of peopleís personal stories. Clients are encouraged, through a respectful and cooperative relationship, to address the issues in their lives that exist amidst social, political, and cultural storylines.

Narrative Therapy is a method of therapy that attempts to separate the person from the issue. It is used as a form of community work and counseling and encourages people to rely on their own skill sets to minimize the issues that exist in their everyday lives. It holds the belief that a personís identity is formed by our experiences or narratives. Because the issue is seen as a separate entity from the person, a therapist can help a client externalize sensitive issues. This objectification dissipates resistance and defenses and allows a client to address this entity in a more productive manner.

All counseling sessions are by appointment only no walk-ins. To get started, please call the office at (916) 455-2391. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.

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One way that GHC is able to meet the needs of those individuals and families who would otherwise not be able to obtain counseling services is by utilizing graduate level interns from local university counseling programs. Our counselors are in the process of completing or have completed their mastersí degrees in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, and social work. They are working on their required hours, under the supervision of our Clinical Director, Dr. David Nylund, to gain their license to practice.

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