According to demographic data, more boys than girls are usually born. At around 45 years of age, the number of men and women is relatively equal, but it begins to gradually increase and there are clearly more women after the age of 65. This is generally speaking due to human nature and biology. However, we ourselves know from our surroundings examples where there is a clear predominance of girls in one family and boys in another. Of course, it is also often the case that there is a boy and a girl. You just have to try to have more children and the likelihood of having both sexes will increase.

“Planning” the sex of the child?

We all know that the sex of the baby is determined by the sperm. Only it can have an X chromosome (determines female sex) or a Y chromosome (determines male sex). A woman’s egg cell, on the other hand, always has only an X chromosome. This means that the combination of egg and sperm can result in XX (a girl) or XY (a boy). So what influences the fact that it is the sperm with a particular chromosome that will reach the egg cell first. A great many factors, but they are divided according to the strength of their action. The factor with the greatest power of action is hormones, which in any case decide on correct fertility, on the development cycle of both the ovum and the sperm cells.

"Planning" the sex of the child?

A woman is born with a certain number of ova. In a man, on the other hand, sperm cells are formed during the maturation and development of the biological cycle. Therefore, the influence of the environment in which a man lives, his lifestyle, diet and physical activity have an impact on the production of hormones and this on the production of sperm cells. As a rule, men have sufficient testosterone production and living conditions to allow a normal cycle of sperm development and the substances needed to enable movement. However, for many years there has been a gradual deterioration in the quality of semen. This is precisely related to a generally unhealthy lifestyle, including the use of stimulants.In conclusion, we know that correct levels of male hormones allow for more frequent births of male babies, which is reflected in the statistics.

The sperm with the Y chromosome (which determines male sex) is the first to set out to meet the egg. It is believed that they are faster than sperm with an X chromosome (which decides the female sex). It would already seem simple, but the justice of nature remains, namely the moment of ovulation. Now it is the ovum that decides when it “opens” its sheath to let in one sperm. The justice is that while the sperm cell contains the decisive chromosome, it is up to the egg cell to decide which sperm cell is admitted. Of course, it can be assumed that if intercourse takes place at the time of ovulation, the “male” sperm has a chance to reach the ovum first, but if ovulation occurs some time after intercourse, the “female” sperm will reach the ovum…

There is no 100% success rate

It is also worth mentioning that at least two days are needed to rebuild the number of sperm cells necessary for the quality of semen. If there are several intercourses a day, the number of sperms in the ejaculate will understandably not be as high as if the intercourse was every two days. Sperm are produced in men on an ongoing basis and this is why the quality of semen is so strongly influenced by a man’s lifestyle and environment.

Over 80% of the couples were happyIn popular scientific literature there are many different methods of “planning” the sex of a child. However, they all conclude that there is no 100% success rate. There is, however, the joy of a healthy child. Parents often deliberately do not want to know the sex of the baby before the birth. The most important thing for them is that the baby is born healthy. In any case, nature itself solves this problem in such a way that more boys are born. We, with our actions, are only able to increase the probability and the chance to influence the sex (which sperm and when will fertilize an egg cell).

Over 80% of the couples were happy

A long time ago I heard the following story. In a village there lived a man who predicted the sex of a child to be born. Couples would come to him and he would tell them the sex and write something down in a big book. Over 80% of the couples were happy, but sometimes it happened that he said the opposite of what had happened. Then some couples would come back and say that he had made a mistake. However, he would take out the book and show them that he had written the exact sex of the baby as it was born… Of course, the couples who were satisfied “with the sex of the baby” did not go back to check what he had written in the book.