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Gender Health Center is a non-profit organization meeting the counseling needs of the WHOLE community in Sacramento and the surrounding areas by making our services accessible to the most underserved communities, including the LGBTQQI community and focusing on the "T" or transgender.

At Gender Health Center, we strive to provide excellent counseling/therapy services to anyone who expresses the need as well as anyone who self identifies or is perceived to be gender variant. Our services embrace the psychological well-being and self-fulfillment of individuals coming out and/or beginning or in the transition process in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.

We are a not for profit agency so our fees are on a sliding scale to help make our services as easily accessible and available to everyone. We also offer resources and referrals to other LGBT friendly organizations.

Our Location

We are located at 2020 29th Street, just past T Street on the right.


Our Programs

Gender Health Center's programs are community based and directed. Our community tells us what they need and we make it happen. Our programs are also supported by our community by direct public donations. To find out more information on how you can help us continue to fill our community's needs, please visit our Donation Page.

For questions about our events email Rachael at rachael(at)ghcmail.org or call us at (916) 455-2391

Upcoming Events

100 Smiling Strangers is a project dreamed up by one of our community members, Jovi Radtke. The basic idea is exactly how it sounds... she smiles at passing strangers as she walks by them. If they reciprocate, she will stop them, explain the project, ask their permission to take a selfie that will be shared on all social media platforms.

The whole premise was inspired by a short stroll she took through midtown and noticed how, out of about 30 people, zero were comfortable making eye contact, let alone sharing a moment and a smile. She then vowed to change that. As soon as she hits 100 strangers, people would make an affordable donation to the Gender Heath Center.

If you have the means, if you have the desire, please consider at least a $10 donation to GHC when she completes the 100 stranger goal.

#100SmilingStrangers on Facebook
#100SmilingStrangers on YouTube

Rock Concert in the Park

Participants are needed to help run the TWO drink booths we will be in charge of at this two day rock concert. If you love to help local community organizations while listening to rock music for free, this gig is for YOU! Click the link below for more details.

CLICK HERE to volunteer!

Contact Rachael at rachael(at)ghcmail.org if you have questions.

Ms Handsome promo

Show your support for one of our doners by purchasing a Ms Handsome shirt (pictured at right) and they will donate 25% of the sale to us! That's a two in one deal, plus you get an awesome t-shirt to show off your pride. While you are at the Ms Handsome web store, check out their wide selection of trans designs and show off your TRANS-PRIDE! Ms Handsome will thank you, GHC will thank you, and you will be proud.

Visit Ms Handsome web store: http://www.mshandsome.com to order.


Gender Health Center in a non-profit organization
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